9mm 115gr (250 rounds)

9mm 115gr (250 rounds)


Sold By: TXprecision.net


Stand 1 Armory 9mm 115gr

  • 250 Rounds per Box
  • Reliable
  • Consistent
  • Accurate

Our 9mm ammo is currently being made using Military-Grade Primers.  These primers are a little harder than civilian primers, and often require a strike from a firing pin using a full-power spring.  If you have modified your pistol to use a lighter firing pin spring, it may not strike with sufficient force to always ignite the primer.  We recommend a firing pin spring of 5 lbs or more in Glocks and similar pistols.  We have tested these rounds through a variety of pistols, and they work great and reliably in testing.

This remanufactured ammo is ideal for practice and training. Perfect for the high-volume shooter.

Ammo in Bulk boxes is loosely packaged in a sealed bag.


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