.223 55gr FMJ (250 rounds)

.223 55gr FMJ (250 rounds)


Sold By: TXprecision.net


Stand 1 Armory 223 55gr FMJ

  • 250 Rounds per box
  • Reliable
  • Consistent
  • Accurate

This is excellent quality, premium remanufactured ammunition. We regularly get feedback on our .223 claiming that it shoots better than factory ammo. Each case is cleaned, sized, prepped and trimmed to exacting standards and then reloaded with only premium products. All of our 55gr .223 Ammo features Hornady projectiles. We are confident that you will find this to be the best looking and best shooting .223 that you will find.

Bulk 223 ammunition in box, loose packaged in sealed bag with stickers.


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