300 Blk 125gr SST (100 rounds)

300 Blk 125gr SST (100 rounds)


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Stand 1 Armory 300 Blk 125gr Supersonic

These supersonic 300 blackout rounds feature premium Hornady 125gr SST (red polymer tip) bullets.  The combination of velocity, weight and expansion yield deep penetration, and make these an excellent choice for hog hunting.   This is the cleanest, most accurate remanufactured supersonic 300 blackout you will find on the market today.

The following is general velocity information for this round.  Different barrels perform differently, so this is just a general idea:

9″ Gas Gun +/- 1900 fps

16″ Bolt Gun +/- 2200 fps

16-18″ AR +/- 2150 fps

Ammo in Bulk boxes is loosely packaged in a sealed bag.


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