About us

What is TX Precision About?

TX Precision is a veteran-owned small business. With our time in service and in years in the private sector, we know how important quality is when your life is on the line. We set out to create and manufacture the most reliable, durable, and accurate firearm in the industry. We are constantly testing and evaluating new products and only endorse components that meet or exceed our highest level of standards. Our commitment doesn’t stop there. Every customer is extremely important to us. When you choose us, you are wanting the best, and our best is what you will receive. Professional and prompt customer service is paramount.

TX Precision does not condone any illegal activity. We do believe in the 2nd amendment and the right to protect one’s family and property. We also are avid hunters and competition shooters. That is why we set out to manufacture the industry’s best firearm.
TX Precision is a proud supporter of foundations intended to help service members and families, whether it’s adjusting to civilian life or wounded in combat. Having spent an extended amount of time in Iraq and Afghanistan, losing those that were once close to us, we at TX Precision do not take it lightly when it comes to helping our brothers and sisters.